On Tuesday, December 29th, 2015, Garrett FitzGerald was involved in a major car accident in New Hampshire while on official duty as a Federal Agent in the United States Secret Service, an accident which received extensive national media coverage. An oncoming vehicle crossed the lane divide, causing a head-on collision with the car Garrett was riding in.

The collision resulted in one fatality and numerous injuries. Garrett sustained major injuries to his spinal cord; he currently has no feeling or movement from the upper chest down. While Garrett remains in care at Mass General Hospital in Boston, he will be transferred to a specialized spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in Boston in the coming days. There is absolutely no doubt that Garrett possesses the determination to excel in his recovery.

Garrett and Joan recently moved to Boston in September 2015. Prior to the accident, they were busy planning their beautiful wedding, originally scheduled for March 2016, enjoying Boston and adjusting to their new jobs. On Saturday, January 9, 1016, Garrett and Joan were married in the ICU at Mass General, surrounded by their closest friends and immediately family.

They now are faced with a very long road of intense rehabilitation to regain what was taken from Garrett. His rehab will be grueling, both emotionally and physically for Garrett and Joan.

In addition to the physical and emotional toll caused by the accident, Garrett and Joan will also face severe financial burdens. Garrett's family and friends set up this GoFundMe account as a way for friends and family to show their love and support for two honest, hard working and incredible people, who mean everything to us. No donation is too small.

Together we can provide tremendous financial relief for Garrett and Joan.





This web site is owned and operated by the family of Garrett & Joan Fitzgerald. 100% of all profits will be used to help them deal with the financial burdens due to the curve ball life has thrown them. This is not a tax exempt organization, and as a result, contributions are generally not tax deductible. However you can rest assured that the proceeds will go directly to the family and there will be no administrative costs or salaries to reduce the amount given.

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